Adult Titles

Below please find our current adult fiction titles for the international market.  Contact us for any rights requests.

Get out of the car

By Inna Eizenberg

“An enjoyable, surprising novel… Eizenberg’s writing is full of all things good, verbal pearls that shine in their naturalness and fill the reader with bursts of pleasure.”

– Yaron Fried, Maariv daily newspaper


Inna Eizenberg’s coming of age story of Nina begins in 1984 in Russia, takes us through summers at Nina’sa grandmother’s little house in the Ukraine and then her immigration to Israel’s dusty desert city of Beersheba in the 1990’s.

At the heart of GET OUT OF THE CAR are three women – creative little Nina, her brave pianist mother who takes charge of this small family’s immigration journey and her widowed grandmother, a chemist with a sharp mind and original sense of humor.

The backdrops of Russia, Ukraine and immigration stories are highly relevant, while Eizenberg’s reflections of growing up in the 90’s will speak to many. Her insightful, moving, and downright funny prose makes GET OUT OF THE CAR a joy to read.

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By Jason Danino Holt

“SCREEN SHOT is a book that is difficult to read, and even more difficult to stop reading… we can only be thrilled by the raw writing and it’s vulnerable beauty.”

– Omri Herzog, Haaretz newspaper


ME TOO has reached the gay community and a moment of reckoning has arrived.  In this context, SCREEN SHOT arrives like a shot to the heart.

From Israel to Berlin to Athens – a boy turns into a young man, in a journey of self-discovery that is anything but smooth. The writing is raw, jarring – Danino Holt shies away from nothing. Desire, pain, ecstasy, abuse … our first-person narrator takes the reader through it all in a trajectory that flows back and forth through childhood and adulthood, love stories and addictions. The experience is soul-destroying but also a story of perseverance.

“I invented everything because it all really happened,” says Danino Holt. Noone will be indifferent after reading SCREEN SHOT, and it has the potential to be a pivotal work at this point in queer history.

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