Our Story

TBP Agency is a department of The Israeli Association Of Book Publishers Ltd. (TBPAI).  TBPAI was founded in 1950 by a group of Israeli publishing houses as a way to work together to further their common interests, both in Israel and internationally.

TBPAI is the “voice” of Israel’s book industry.  It runs the yearly “Hebrew Book Week” (a national event in multiple cities which draws over 200,000 visitors a year), lobbies for the publishing industry and initiates programs to promote reading.

TBP Agency has been selling rights into the Israeli market since 1980, and is now opening an international department to sell translation rights to Israeli books into the world market.

Our close relationships with Israeli publishers, as well as well as our deep understanding of the Israeli book market, and experienced, service-oriented team make us the leading partner in Israel for publishers and agencies around the globe.