The Book Publishers Association of Israel is dedicated to supporting and advancing Israel's publishing industry, for the benefit of publishers and readers.  It's main activities include: Israel's leading translation rights agency, managing the Hebrew Book Week event, the Bernstein Literary Prize, and lobbying for Israel's publishing industry.

In 1939, the "Hebrew Book Publishers Association of Israel" was established by the following thirteen publishing houses: Ahi'asaf, Barlevi, Gazit, Dvir, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Twersky, Yavne, Masada, Mitzpeh, Sifriat HaPoalim, Kiryat Sefer, Rubin Mass, Sreberk.

In 1953, its name was changed to "The Book Publishers Association of Israel".

Throughout the years, the number of publishing houses in Israel has grown, and most of them are members of the Association and participate at the General Assembly.

The Association has 8 directors. The Association’s General Manager and its employees function and act in accordance to the General Assembly and the management's decisions and instructions.

The Association's activities include: